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Some ME Time

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Some me time promotes self care in brooklyn


Some ME Time, is a company that creates events and workshops for today's busy women.  Some ME Time was founded in 2009 by Self-Care Coach and Motivational Speaker Simone S. Gray  Simone knows all to well the importance of a work life balance especially since she too is a busy woman who wears several hats such as wife, mother, daughter, life coach, business woman, and more.  Some ME Time is committed to creating awesome experiences for busy women that educates and empowers them to  rejuvenate, release and unwind.


Some ME Time understands the many hats worn by women and the importance of preserving self in order to be the very best regardless of the hat that is worn. We believe that by creating events and memorable experiences it allows women to get-a-away from their daily routines so that they are able to feel refreshed and renewed.  Some ME Time is a necessity not a luxury!


Some ME Time hosts brunches, workshops and outings for women in Brooklyn, New York to educate them on the importance of self care. Self Care in Brooklyn, New York can be rather hard for busy wives, moms and goal setters, especially since Girls Rule the World!