Forgiveness Is A Choice

I believe forgiveness is the greatest form of self-love. 
I believe forgiveness is one of the highest forms of self-care. 
I believe forgiveness requires action and not just words. 
We can say we forgive with our mouths yet our hearts are bitter and stone cold.

Forgiveness has been a long process for me over the past three years, it’s like things would happen, people would do and say things, situations would arise, etc……

I felt so justified in my actions when I would consciously, intentionally, and boldly not forgive them. ( I mean come on Lord, you clearly saw what happened!) I even fooled myself into believing that these scenarios were worthy of unforgiveness until one day…….. it all started with me praying and believing God for a particular situation regarding my career.

I prayed and I asked God for His favor and help. I even found scriptures in the Bible that confirmed what I was asking God to do would be done. Until One day I had a dream about the particular people to whom I believed I was justified in not forgiving . Upon me waking up, I was so annoyed and angry. In that moment God said to me clear as day, “ I am able to do what you’re asking of me Simone however your heart is hard and I need you to forgive them just like I’ve forgiven you.”
In all honesty, I was even more pissed!  

Fast forward, I had to be honest and open with myself. My feelings were hurt. I felt rejected, betrayed and unappreciated. I now realize Holding on to unforgiveness was my defense mechanism, it made me feel in control over a situation I had no control over because I can only control myself!
When I tell you after those three days of prayer, fasting and revelation What I have been praying and asking God for was finally released! 
It was definitely not a coincident.

I know in my heart that me being unforgiving was holding up my blessing! 
Therefore today I would like to encourage anyone who may be harboring feelings of unforgiveness, it’s a new day choose to forgive. Your blessing may very well be waiting for you to release forgiveness in exchange for your blessing!

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