Love Endlessly

“Love the people who God gives you because one day He’ll need them back. ”

Tuesday September 4, 2018 God called by Beautiful Daddy home. It was totally unexpected.
While our family is mourning such a great loss we have peace knowing that we loved him everyday of our lives. We told him everyday how much he meant to us, not because we thought this day was near but because it’s how we were raised.

Our Father impacted every person who crossed his path. He instilled in us to value every life. He taught us how to laugh and how to make people laugh.

Our Father was strict growing up but once we become the responsible adults he wanted us to be we realized he was a softy ??? He cried at the drop of a dime.

He quickly apologized for his mistakes and he loved us unconditionally. What an honor it is to be his child. Thank you JESUS for intentionally selecting Roosevelt Sullivan to be our DADDY!

My words of encouragement to anyone reading this, Love NOW!!!
Forgive NOW!!! Say I Love you NOW because those who God has given to us is but for a season.

May my Beautiful, Faithful, Comedic, Strong old man Rest in Eternal Peace.

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  1. I remember caring for my mother as a young girl when she was battling for her life, and back then I did not fully understood what it meant to make decision for her as her daughter. Now today being 37 years old I still find myself disapproving of some of the choices she makes in her life. But the table turn from her being my parent and making the decisions to myself being her child, and advising her on what is best for her.

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